Personalized Literacy Instruction
“Reading is not walking on the words; it’s grasping the soul of them.” – Paulo Freire

My practice with students centers primarily on literacy work. I collaborate with parents and the students’ classroom teachers to ensure I am meeting their goals for success. Language development issues, which underscore reading and writing challenges, is a target area of my work. While working on academics, I also work with students to develop their non-academic skills to help them achieve success. We work on organizational skills as well as study skills that they will use in their lives.

The focus of my practice is rooted in the belief that children who believe in themselves as learners will be able to achieve realistic goals regardless of the obstacles they face. My practice has been influenced by experts in the field of social-emotional learning and my own experience with regard to children’s self-efficacy and “mind-sets” as it relates to learning. While I help students achieve their academic goals, I am always centered on their beliefs about themselves as learners. My special education background has shaped how I approach each child; I target the “whole child.” As the parent of two children, one who dealt with ADD and one who struggled to learn to read, I understand the issues that impact the student and the family. I work to support the student and the family on their academic journey.